Many Towns have Waste-Water Ordinances that require septic inspections for, on-site septic systems .
This includes cesspools , conventional septic systems and innovative systems.

The Towns of North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Jamestown  and Charlestown, require septic inspections routinely. Our company is certified to inspect septic systems within these Towns.  

This is a great opportunity for the homeowner to realize what  he/she  has on the  property as well as what shape it is in and what he/she can do to upgrade the system.

First Maintenance inspections to include:

Solid levels within tank/cesspool.
Interior of tank is structurally sound.
Weep hole in bottom is sealed.
Baffles are in place.
Riser access is to grade.
Pump out of tank/cesspool. 
We would then use this information as a base line to schedule future routine maintenance. 
We would also use this information to inform you of simple upgrades to your system that may extend its life.

Many septic systems fail because they become
"Out of Sight, Out of Mind". 
Maintenance is the key.


We also offer property transfer inspections to home buyers. It is more in depth. We would conduct a flow test to check the septic drain field as well as inspect the tank.

A general rule of thumb is:
To pump out your tank on a 1 to 4 year schedule, based on your own individual use.

The reason to pump out a septic tank or cesspool is to remove the solids that have collected there. The septic tank is nothing more than a primary treatment area for septic waste. In a septic tank the solids should be contained in the tank while the liquid ( effluent ) is allowed to flow out to the septic field. When the solids reach a 30 - 50 % level, they should be removed . In most 1000 gallon septic tanks that would be between 14 and 24 inches of overall solids.

Cesspools are considered to be a substandard type of system , and the homeowner should consider replacement at the earliest opportunity.
Until then a cesspool should be pumped out annually.


A septic repair is the replacement of a failed septic system or cesspool on an existing home which is not adding any new construction to the dwelling.

Darlene is licensed to design a repair for a conventional septic system  and present the design to the DEM for approval. 

A site that requires an innovative septic system would need to be designed by an engineer.  
Our company would be happy to quote the installation, after the design has been completed and approved. 


New septic system installations are installed for new building construction. An engineer must design the system based on a number of issues. The size of the lot, drainage, number of bedrooms, etc.

Our company is licensed to install an engineer designed system.